Tips for Relocating With Professional House Removalists

Posted on: 9 May 2023

House moving can be a stressful experience. To help your relocation go smoothly, here are some handy tips.

Take Advantage of Additional Services 

Many furniture removal companies offer additional services, which you can take advantage of to streamline your move. For example, some businesses offer a packing service. When you think about it, the packing phase usually takes many more hours than the move itself, so using this extra service will greatly lessen your workload. With their experience, removal companies know how to pack quickly and systematically. Other possible services include unpacking, cleaning and temporary storage.

If you plan to pack yourself, a moving company can often provide boxes, tape and bubble wrap. They can also help estimate how many boxes of each size you'll need, so you won't have to guess and possibly run out.

Plan Large Furniture Access

You can also put some thought into how easy it will be to move large furniture pieces through your house. If you plan, you may avoid delays on the day of the move. You can measure the doorways and furniture to make sure that the door measurement is the bigger number. If you think the fit will be tight, you could remove the doors beforehand, which can add centimetres to the opening. Also, consider what things you can disassemble.

Can you unscrew the legs from the bed, a notoriously cumbersome item to get through narrow spaces? If you have a large bookcase, taking out any moveable shelves will make it lighter.

Make Your Home Safe

Something you will definitely want to avoid is accidents on a moving day. While they may be unlikely, it's worth taking the time to look at your home and make small changes to increase safety. You could lift rugs off the floor and get potted plants out of the way, as they can be tripping hazards. Walk the route that the removalists will take, through the verandah or porch or along the driveway, and note what could cause problems. Leaves piled on the paving can get slippery, especially if it rains, so you could rake or air-blow them away.

Consider the Best Route

If your new house is in the vicinity, you might know a handy shortcut. If this is the case, let the furniture removalist know, as you could save money if the move is quicker. They might know of an ideal path themselves to avoid strip shopping centres and schools at closing time.

For more information, contact a local removalist today.