Two common reasons why people hire furniture removal specialists

Posted on: 27 July 2022

Here are two common reasons why people decide to hire furniture removal specialists when they move to a new home.

It can eliminate the need to disassemble a lot of their furniture

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to book furniture removalists for their house moves is that it can eliminate the need for them to disassemble a lot of their furniture. This is a big advantage that can make a house move quicker and less tiring, as the disassembly of, for example, 15 furniture items could take hours, as could the subsequent reassembly of it when it gets taken to the new property.

Whilst sometimes, disassembling a piece of furniture is unavoidable (for example, if a person owners a large corner sofa that is too wide to fit through any of their current or new home's doors, then this would need to be taken apart first), there are many instances in which people who don't hire furniture removal teams have to disassemble their furniture simply because it would be far too heavy for them to transport in its fully-assembled state.

The high weight of a furniture item is never an issue for a furniture removalist and they can usually transport even very hefty furniture pieces without disassembling them. This is partly because furniture removal companies will provide each client with a team of very strong removalists who have enough physical strength to lift heavy furniture, and partly because these companies have a range of furniture lifting tools that their employees can use to make the transportation of big items easier and safer, even when these items have not been disassembled into smaller, lighter parts.

It frees them of this exhausting task and so makes their other responsibilities easier to manage

Another reason why people book furniture removalists is that it frees them of this very tiring task and in doing so, makes the rest of their house-moving responsibilities that much easier to carry out. Transporting a collection of furniture is arguably the most exhausting part of a move (even more so than transporting all of the packed boxes, as boxes tend to be lighter and smaller than most pieces of furniture, and their uniform shape makes them easier to lift). This is not only due to the weight of most common furniture items but also because moving them through doorways and up or down staircases without damaging them (or getting injured by them) requires a lot of planning, measuring and concentration.

As such, by outsourcing the furniture removal work to a group of professionals, a person who needs to move will be less likely to make errors when handling their other house-moving tasks as a result of being tired, flustered and unfocused or even injured as a result of being involved in the transportation of their furniture.