Packing Your Bookcases Before Moving

Posted on: 30 August 2017

Moving house can be a daunting task, but for a book lover it's especially weighty — literally. If you have a substantial library, moving may seem like a challenging project. It does take a lot of work, but if you plan well, start early and pack safely, you can get it done with a minimum of trouble. 

Pack your books

The most important thing about packing your library for a move is to start packing books early. A box or two a day will make a big difference in the long term as long as you get a good head start. Choose smaller cardboard boxes — big boxes full of books will be too heavy. Line them with packing paper or bubble wrap, fill them with books and use packing material to fill any void before taping them tightly shut. Label them clearly so that your removal firm knows which boxes are likely to be heavy. 

Decide what you need to take

Bookcases and book collections are heavy, so prepare not to take anything you don't need. If you have books you've read and are unlikely to revisit, consider giving them away, selling them or donating them to charity. Even bookcases might have to be abandoned. An inexpensive flat-pack bookcase might be cheaper and easier to replace when you arrive than to move from place to place. 

Talk to the specialists

If you're moving within a city, you may be able to get your library moved just with the help of friends and volunteers. For a long-distance move, though, you'll want the support of an interstate furniture removals firm like Caloundra Removals & Storage. Your removalist may have specific recommendations for how you should pack your bookcases; talk to your firm and find out what they think you ought to do. 

Preparing bookcases

Like other furniture, bookcases need to be carefully packed in order to protect them from damage during a move. Remove shelves and wrap them individually with towels or bubble wrap, then bundle them together with stretchy plastic film. You can get packing supplies from your removals firm or just use extra blankets of your own (although be warned that they'll get a little dusty). Wrap the bookcase in a padded cover and seal it with plastic wrap as well. 

A bibliophile's move can be a large task, but it isn't impossible. With some preparation, planning and the help of your furniture removals firm, you'll be ready to set up your library in your new home.