Helpful Hints for Helping an Elderly Friend or Relative Move to a New Home

Posted on: 23 August 2017

Moving to a new home can be a logistical challenge regardless of your age or physical capabilities. If you need to help an elderly relative or friend move to a new home, some extra challenges might present themselves. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, there are a few things you can do to help.

Downsizing to a New Home

If your relative or friend is downsizing and moving to a home of a more manageable size, they will need to discard some of their possessions. There is no timeframe on this, and yet you can safely assume that some time will be needed to decide what will stay and what will go. There can be some difficulty involved in these decisions, particularly when the items have some sentimental value. When it has been decided just what will been discarded, you can help to make the arrangements to dispose of the items in question. You can arrange for them to be sold, or failing that, arrange for them to be collected by a charity that has a special meaning to your relative or friend.

Preparation Work

It can be wise to go to the new home before your relative or friend moves in. Make sure that any handrails are secure, and you might need to install additional grab rails in the shower or bath, and the toilet. If your relative or friend is affected by diminished eyesight, the light switches might also need attention. You can apply a border of reflective tape to these switches in order to make them easily identifiable. Reaching for a light switch in a home where someone has lived for many years can be largely instinctive, and so it can be necessary to clearly identify the positions of these switches in a new living space.

Furniture Placement

When the furniture is moved into the new home, it's important that its positioning is appropriate. Have a word with the furniture removalists to ensure that this is the case. Your friend or relative might not be able to make any modifications once heavy items have been placed in a room, so it's vital that they inspect and approve the positioning of the furniture before the job is done, so that the removalists can tweak the positioning as needed.

Public Transport

Make sure that the details for the local public transport are readily available. Print off a map showing the location of the closest bus or train stop in relation to the new home, along with a timetable of services. Your relative or friend might not be familiar with these new services, and it's important that the information is readily available.

It really doesn't require all that much extra work to ensure that your elderly relative or friend's move to a new home goes as smoothly as possible.