How To Choose An Interstate Removalist

Posted on: 20 October 2021

If you intend to move to another state, you certainly require the services of an interstate removalist. Given that you cannot afford errors when making an interstate move, you must be cautious about the removalist you hire. This article puts forward a few questions you should ask your interstate removalist. They will help you choose a suitable removalist. 

Do You Have The Required Licencing? 

Some services charge a brokerage fee. Therefore, you will pay more for that service. The best way to overcome this issue is by asking your shortlisted removalists to provide you with their licences. The rule is that the documents should authorise them to conduct business across the various states. 

Are There Any Prohibited Items? 

In some cases, you may be prohibited from moving some personal items across the various states. Your removalist should inform you about these laws to avoid fines as you move your home or office. For example, it could be illegal to move pest-infested items, exotic pets, and certain plant species. 

How Will You Move The Items?

The removalist should give a detailed explanation of how they will move your house or office.  Typically, the removalist should start by examining your premises to determine what they need to move. It will help them prepare for the move. For example, freezers should be defrosted to protect them during the move. If you have massive furniture, the removalist might need to dismantle it and assemble it at your new premises. The assessment will also help the removalist determine the boxes, equipment and personnel required to execute the move. 

The professional will then formulate a transportation plan. Typically, this schedule details when haulage will commence, the stops that the removalist will make, the need for specialist services such as storage along the way and when they will arrive at your new premises. The plan also details the documentation needed to move your items. It helps prevent hiccups as the removalist executes the move. 

How Much Do You Charge? 

Your removalist should offer a quote a few days before the move. Ask them to break down the quote to ensure you comprehend their pricing logic. Additionally, ask the removalist how you can cut the removal costs. For example, you could decide to move your pets and valuables since they attract an additional charge. Besides, you could opt to arrange your new home. 

When hiring an interstate removal service, assess their licencing, inquire about prohibited items and assess their charging policies.