Why You Need a Removals Service for Your Very First Move

Posted on: 16 March 2021

Some people move several times in their lifetime. And because of that, for their later moves, they often don't need the help of professional movers. They already have the experience and knowledge necessary to move on their own. But if you are planning to move for the first time, a removals service can help you to avoid the disasters that befall so many other first-time movers.

If you are planning your first move, hire removalists. With removalists on your side, you can benefit in various ways.

Move large pieces of furniture without injury

Moving one large piece of furniture can leave you exhausted if you have little experience with moving. Moving several large pieces of furniture while you're exhausted can lead to an injury. Removals services have experience and equipment such as moving dollies, straps, and furniture sliders, not to mention the stamina to move heavy furniture uninjured.

Move large pieces of furniture through windows if necessary

Sometimes, large pieces of furniture won't go down the stairs or through a door. You may then need to move that item through a window to get it to the removals truck—doing this alone can be very dangerous. A removals service can easily use hauling straps and other equipment to lower furniture from a window to the ground if necessary.

Protect your walls and flooring from damage

On your first move, you could cause a lot of damage to your walls and flooring while lifting, manoeuvring and sliding furniture and boxes. Movers know how to protect furniture, walls and flooring from damage.

Plan the stages of your move effortlessly

A move requires a lot of planning. Moving day itself also requires planning. Professional movers can take the mystery and the stress out of your moving day by planning your move for you. Remember, they've moved many times before, whilst this is your first time. Removalists know where to start and finish when moving you from point A to point B.

Load the truck in a logical and safe manner

Loading the moving truck is a very important part of moving day. Movers need to consider weight distribution to avoid accidents, correctly stacking boxes to avoid damaging your possessions, and correctly securing of your furniture and boxes with straps to protect them during transit.

On your first move, these things will be new to you. This is why hiring movers is a wise decision. And the knowledge and experience that you pick up from your movers during your first move will bear you in good stead for future moves.