How To Prepare For Removals

Posted on: 24 April 2020

Most people do not know how to prepare for an office or residential move. As such, they have a difficult time on the removals day. Below are a few tips on how to prepare for removals. 

What Do You Intend To Move? 

Declutter your house to get rid of any items that you do not need. These include broken furniture, damaged electronics or old clothes that you no longer wear. Moving with these items will increase the removal fees since you will need a larger truck to move your items. Besides, the removals company will spend more hours to move your items. 

Create an inventory indicating the condition of each item. It ensures you have an easy time detecting lost and damaged products after the removals.

Determine The Need For Storage

People moving into smaller homes or offices may require storage space. Some removal companies will transport your items to a storage facility while others provide storage services. For instance, they may provide portable storage containers. These are suitable for most people since you can place them in your compound. It ensures you have an easy time accessing your stored items. Some portable storage containers are climate controlled. It helps protect furniture and fragile items such as paintings and furniture. 

Finding A Removals Company

Below are tips to help you find a suitable removalist. 


The removals company should have skilled personnel and high-quality removals equipment such as lifting straps, furniture dollies and trollies. The company should observe a high degree of professionalism. For instance, they should inspect your home to determine the availability of parking space, the number of people and type of equipment required to move your items. Besides, the removalist will identify removal challenges such as narrow staircases and exits.  

Terms And Conditions

Most removalists will ask you to organise transport for expensive items such as jewellery, sculptures and paintings. Preferably, the removalist should provide a removal's insurance cover. Inquire about the removalist's availability. For instance, people with a busy schedule would want a removalist that works at night, during the weekends or holidays. 


The removalist should be reasonably priced. Other than the standard charges, you may have to pay more if you live in a storey building or if you have bulky and fragile items such as a piano. Some removalists will give discounts to senior citizens or people that have served in the army. 

When preparing for removals, determine what you intend to move and the need for storage. Besides, work with an experienced and reasonably priced removalist.