The Cost of Furniture Removals

Posted on: 12 November 2019

There are times when you need to replace your furniture as a homeowner, be it a sofa set or cupboard. During this time you are supposed to turn to a furniture removal company to haul away your rejects. Cost is one thing you have to think of when you are looking for furniture removal. The range in furniture removal costs vary, but the price you pay will depend on the furniture removal method you select.

Before you narrow down to the actual cost, know that there are factors that will impact your quote. If you opt to be your own moving service, you will reduce your furniture removal cost. In most cases, you will need a truck and a trailer which isn't an option for everyone. However, you can opt to sell, donate or give away to a charity organisation. Some local organisations accept furniture which is still in good condition. They can come and pick them at their own cost. Above all, these factors will affect the total cost of furniture removals.

Distance to Be Travelled

Your potential removers will charge you depending on the amount of fuel the truck is going to consume during the travel. Together with this, remover will also consider the maintenance cost of their removal vehicle. Expect to be charged a little bit more if you have heavy and a lot of belongings. The more distance covered during the move, the more you will have to pay for the process.

You might pay more for long-distance travel outside town compared to the same distance covered within your town. This is because the movers will incur additional charges such as stopping to take short breaks, meals and probably pay for a hotel to accommodate them overnight.

Difficulty of the Job

You may pay more if your furniture is large and difficult to access. To reduce the cost, you can assemble the furniture by yourself to make it more accessible to the movers. If you happen to assemble by yourself label empty the drawers, desks, and armoires. Most furniture removing companies won't handle furniture with items in them. Items will make furniture heavier and also poses a risk of shifting content or sliding drawers.

Also, be aware that there could be additional costs you might incur. Factors which can contribute to these extra costs include several trips and fuel cost. Inquire from the moving company before you sign the contract. Above all, you should be available at the time of movement. Moving etiquette instructs you to be around so that you can let your movers know where to find something if they are in need.

For more information, contact a furniture removalist.