Why Backloading Removal Is the Best Option for Interstate Moving

Posted on: 7 January 2019

Moving interstate in Australia has its fair share of challenges. First, interstate moving is complicated because trucks must abide by regulations that are laid down by different agencies. For instance, certain vehicles can only use specific interstate highways due to truck height concerns. Secondly, it might be challenging to keep within a strict budget because of the long interstate distances. However, you can use specific strategies to make interstate moving as stress-free as possible. One such approach is opting for backloading. If you are planning your first interstate move but haven't heard about backloading removals, then this article is meant for you. The write-up highlights instances when backloading removal is suitable.

When on a Tight Budget -- Moving interstate is a costly affair; therefore, you might be forced to either cancel or postpone moving when on a tight budget. For example, if you are moving more than 1000 miles -- say from Newcastle to Gold Coast -- the cost of a one bedroom house can cost upwards of $4000. With backloading removals, however, you can save a significant amount because while most moving trucks or containers make empty return trips, companies that do backloading will make sure they have a load for the return trip as well. Instead of making empty return trips, truck companies discount their rates for backloading removals. It is promoted by the fact that backloading encourages the sharing of space and cost with other customers.  

Safety for a Fraction of the Cost -- One myth about backloading is that it is an unsafe method of moving. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Just because a company decides to discount its rates for backloading purposes doesn't mean that the firm will let down their guard concerning safety. A reputable company will always ensure the highest level of security for customer belongings.

Impromptu Moving -- While moving requires meticulous planning, there are instances when you might be forced to move in a hurry and may not secure moving services on time. For example, if a house that meets your budget and needs becomes available on short notice, you will not be able to wait for a specific day. However, you still need to book a removals company in advance and wait a couple of weeks or months depending on truck availability, which might delay your interstate moving. With backloading removals, booking is not necessary. Since there are numerous trucks making return trips, you can quickly get your belongings transported even on short notice, which makes backloading removal the ideal option for impromptu interstate moving.