Professional Packing Tips: 3 Ways To Ensure Your Belongins Are Packed Like A Pro

Posted on: 26 March 2018

Moving house can be a frustrating exercise, and it does not matter how many times you have done it, there always seems to be something which gets lost or broken. There are a million and one common packing tips found on the internet, but these tips are smart ideas which are not commonly advertised. Now that you are ready to pack up your home for a forthcoming shift, use these three ideas to make your move more simple.

Use paper plates between your plates

The old school way is to wrap your plates in newspaper pages to stop them getting broken while moving. The problem with this is having to wash all the unpacked plates before you can use them again. A better idea is to place paper plates between each of your ceramic plates. Not only do paper plates provide the cushioning you want to stop breakages, but it also gives you a plate to eat on for the first meal which does not need to be washed up. You have better things to do on your first night in a new home than washing dishes.

Roll your books rather than lift them

It is recommended you use small boxes to pack up a book collection. Big boxes of books are heavy to lift, and there is also the danger of the box bottom collapsing under the weight of your novels. Why lift books when you can roll them? Don't move empty suitcases. Instead, fill them up with books, and roll your novels over to your new home—much less strain on your muscles.

Colour code and number boxes

Buy sheets of coloured paper and allocate each colour to a room. Green for the bathroom, blue for the main bedroom, etc. When you pack each box, attach the correct coloured piece of paper to the box. Then, take this organisation one step further and assign each box with an unpacking priority number. Boxes labelled one need to be unpacked on the first day, whereas box two can wait until the next morning. Provide a legend of which colour responds to which room to your removalist so they can easily see where each box should go when the truck is unpacked at your new home.

Your removal company has plenty more tips to help you move like a pro your new home. Ask them for advice, and you'll be shortcutting your way through the packing in no time at all.