No Need For Toddler Tantrums: 2 Tips To Ensure Your Child Enjoys The House Moving Experience

Posted on: 19 September 2017

Moving house is exciting - out with the old and in with the new. However, when moving with young children, the moving experience becomes a whole lot more interesting. Since you have been in your current home since your toddler was born, this is the only home they know. Because toddlers are most comfortable when they are surrounded by routine and familiarity, moving to a new home is a frightening prospect for them. However, these two tips will help to prevent your toddler (and you) from having a tantrum when moving day rolls around.

Have a toddler watcher for the day

Liaising with the moving company during the emptying of your house will keep you very busy on moving day. The front door must be left open for the movement of your belongings to the truck, so there is potential for your child to slip out of the house without being seen.

From a safety and an entertainment perspective, having an extra person in the house on moving day whose sole job is to keep watch on your child is an enormous peace of mind. This person, whether it is a family member or a close friend, can ensure your child's daily routine continues pretty much as it normally would, and that will keep your kiddo calm and happy.

Pack up their room last

Leave the packing up of your toddler's room until the afternoon before moving if you can. When you leave their room intact until the last possible moment, it remains their safe space and sanctuary they can go to when the rest of the house is in chaos. Ask the removalists to take the packed contents of your child's room last, so it is placed at the back of the truck. This loading method means their belongings are the first to be unloaded at the new home, which also means you can get on with setting up their new room while the rest of the truck gets unloaded. It is important to get your child back into a familiar bed on the first night at the new house to help keep the emotional upheaval at a minimum.

Finally, don't hold back information about the move from your toddler. The more you talk to them about what is going to happen, the less they will fear the change. When the removal truck arrives on moving day, take your toddler outside and show them the inside of the truck so they can see how all their toys and their bed will make the transition to the new home. This visual tour will help them to understand what is going on, and that reduces the impact of the shift.