What extra services do furniture removalists offer?

Posted on: 16 September 2017

When it comes to furniture removals during a home or office move, it is important to be savvy of the supplementary services that may be necessitated by circumstances beyond your control, which translate into additional fees and end up inflating your original quote. Particular issues that will certainly add to the moving costs, regardless of which furniture removal company you choose. So, when searching for a reputable mover, you need to carefully research the additional services they offer plus their charges and pick the ones that match your needs and budget.

Dismantle and reassemble your furniture

If you don't know how to dismantle your large pieces of furniture for moving, your furniture removal company can help you with the process. The movers own specialised equipment and the needed expertise to safely take apart your furniture, transport it to your new location, and reassemble your furniture back together for immediate use. The charges for dismantling and reassembling your pieces of furniture will be added to your original quote.


In the unfortunate event that your large furniture pieces cannot fit through the existing doors or along the constricted corridors in your new home, the removalists will need to put up a rope and pulley hoisting system in order to take up the furniture pieces into your new home via a window. The movers will bank on their specialised equipment as well as their valuable expertise to pull off this supplementary moving service. In return, you will be charged an extra cost.

Bulky items

Furniture removalists will charge an additional fee for handling very bulky items, including pool tables, pianos, and safes. Keep in mind that such items are not only extremely hard to pack and transport but they also significantly add to the overall weight of your batch which translates into higher moving charges.

Transporting items over a long distance

If your new home lacks an adequate parking lot either in front or at the back, the moving truck will have to park at a considerable distance away from your property. Note that movers have no obligation whatsoever to carry your items inside. However, if you wish them to do so, you will need to pay an extra long carry cost for greater distances.

Up the staircase

If you live in a high residential apartment, the movers will either have to use the lift or the staircase to take your pieces of furniture up or down the high-story building. Be prepared to foot the flight charge or a lift fee for the accessorial service. The cost is worked out for every flight of stairs or depending on the time duration misspent waiting for the lift.