Need Some Tips on Moving Interstate?

Posted on: 15 September 2017

It is perfectly normal for you to have mixed feeling about an interstate removal. It almost always presents a chance to begin a new chapter in life — then again, the thought of not knowing where life is taking you can be quite scary. While you might not be able to tell what fate has in store for you, you can definitely do something to help make your interstate move a stress-free one.

Here are some expert tips to help you with your move.

Jot down everything you'll be taking with you: The first and most important thing you should do is to sort through all your belongings so you can determine what you will need to transport to your new home and what you no longer need or use. Doing this helps to reduce the volume of your load, but also presents a good chance to declutter your home by getting rid of any unwanted items. You can sell or donate unwanted items that are still in good condition. As for the unwanted items that have no reuse value should be put in a rubbish bin and sent to the landfill.

Get the necessary packing supplies: Once you have determined the items that you are moving with, the next step is to gather the supplies you'll need to pack them up. Have in mind that not everything can fit in a box, so be ready to acquire special packing supplies such as furniture pads and bubble wrap for breakable items.  Knowing how to improvise can save you lots of dollars. For example, wrapping kitchen essentials such as drinking glasses, wine glasses and glassware sets with old newspaper can help save money that could have been spent buying bubble wrap.

Pack up the right way: Packing is a job you must do properly if you want your stuff to arrive at your new home undamaged. When packing items in boxes, start with the heaviest items. This will help ensure they do not crush or damage lighter things. Any unoccupied space at the top of packed boxes should be filled with clothes or other soft material to prevent the risk of things shifting and getting damaged while being transported. Furniture and other large items that cannot fit in a box should be properly secured for loading and transport.

As you can see, moving interstate is a job that needs proper planning and adequate preparation. Professional interstate removalists have the ability to make light work of your move because that's the kind of work they do every day, so consider letting them handle your move.